private classes

Private Classes

Outside of the scheduled timetable, I am also available for private and small group classes (men's, women's or mixed).


Sporting Clubs
Looking for a fresh way to mix up your training sessions? Increased mobility and decreased chance of soft tissue injuries are just a few of the benefits a regular yoga practice can bring.

Having played Aussie Rules Football for 20 years, (amongst numerous other sports), my combined knowledge and experience of athletic requirements and yoga mean I can tailor the perfect class for your sporting group.

My classes will not only focus on strength and flexibility, but will also incorporate breathing exercises to increase the efficiency of oxygen to the lungs, and aid cardio recovery rates.

No matter the age or sporting level, contact Tyran to discuss and design a class perfect for your club.


Small Groups
Got a group of friends who are interested in a more personal class than studios can offer? Maybe you feel intimidated by a studio setting, have injuries or specific areas that you would like to work on...

Small group classes allow me to tailor a class specific to your group's needs, giving you more individual attention and alignment cues.

Prices will vary depending on the size of your group. 


Corporate Classes
Invigorate and refresh your team members before work, during their lunchbreaks, or even after work.

Scientific studies have proven the many negative side effects of sitting, not only on people's physical health, but also their mental awareness. Through the many benefits of yoga, my classes will give them the skills to develop a stretching routine and provide a more focused mindset throughout their work day.


One on One Classes
Go deeper into your yoga practice with private classes. where you can get the more specific adjustments required for your body type and ability.

Private classes give us the opportunity to work on the flows or postures you are interested in (such as inversions), in a safe and steady environment.