Healing Therapies

Emotional blockage release treatment

Emotions = energy in motion

What happens when you get really angry? Your temperature rises, your heart may beat faster and harder, maybe you get sweaty palms, you feel like you have more energy inside of you. Same goes for other emotions.

What happens to this energy if we don't release it? Or at least move it on, it has to go somewhere. Unfortunately it builds up in the body. This can create all sorts of tightness, pain, sore spots, restricted energy movement. EBRT (Emotional Blockage Release Treatment) is a form accupressure, but it is aimed at releasing stored emotions within the body. It can be a very painful and a very confronting experience. There can be a whirlwind of different emotions and feelings that come to rise. The idea is to be present with them and not push them to the side and ignore them.



It all comes down to atoms.

EVERYTHING in this universe is made up of energy.
Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transferred. Reiki is the practice of this. The transferring of energy from one place to another. It is a painless, non intrusive way to clear blockages around the body.


Thai Massage

Basic Thai massage for releasing tight and sore spots in the body. It is not just laying there feeling relaxed, you get pulled, pushed and twisted to help relieve tight and sore spots within the body.


Anti Gravity Stretching

Gravity pushes us down, towards the grown all day, with this we use gravity to lengthen our spine and stretch it longer rather than shortening our body. I have been practicing Acro Yoga for quite some time now and there are many ways to lengthen the body while using gravity to assist. It's quite relaxing but can be a little bit scary balancing on someone's feet for the first time.