the hairy healer mens yoga classes


The Hairy Healer’s mission to help people change the way they view themselves.

To stop facilitating stereotypes, to break moulds, and to learn and teach how to connect with other people but also just as importantly connect to yourself.

Whether this is through a form of movement such as yoga, meditation, reiki, emotional release or just a good ol' fashioned yarn.

Get in contact if you’re curious to learn about yourself in a way you may not yet have realised was possible.


About The Hairy Healer

the hairy healer

I am a Man.

A Bloke.

A Lad.

Who has lived a very normal, ‘blokey’ life. I played Aussie Rules footy for 20 years, I worked in construction as a bricklayer for 12 years, I worked as a miner in Western Australia for 2 years. I grew up in a regular household with a Dad, a Mum and one sister 7 years my junior. I went to the best school my parents could afford (private education).

Everything you would expect for a normal, everyday person to grow up into normal, everyday responsible adult. But I didn’t. Not sure exactly why! But I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer! I always dreamed of more. I never really fit in anywhere I went. Alas on the contrary I also fit in everywhere I went.

I was loud and vivacious in my social circles, always making noise, always the loudest one screaming look at me. I was either jumping over tables drunk, or running around naked, giving people lap dances even if they didn’t want them. I would put my dick in my mates’ beers when they went to the toilet. I would walk up to groups of girls and sit myself down right in the middle and talk until I either got a phone number, a dance, a kiss or told to fuck off…..

I didn’t really understand personal boundaries or consent. I didn’t understand why people didn’t just let loose and have more fun in their lives. I didn’t understand that there were people that thought a little differently to me, I didn’t understand that I was suppressing all of my emotions behind my façade, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t find love and why I was so sad behind all my masks.

After I got busted growing marijuana, caught drink driving 3 times, lost my licence for over 4 years, spent a few overnighters in lockup, never had a stable relationship, one would’ve thought I had learnt. But I hadn’t.

It took the bikie gangs to come and stand over me, my girlfriend of 3 years to leave, to lose my house, to lose some of my closest friends and to spend 2 years in a dep shame spiral of drinking, drugs and debauchery, before I realised that I hated myself. It took me to start to have such empty, draining sex with women where I wouldn’t even feel pleasure in ejaculation, to realise I wasn’t happy. It took me not being able to get an erection without porn because I was masturbating 4 times a day to it to realise that my arousal state and my sense of what I actually wanted was fucked.

This lead me on a journey. A journey of self-inquisition. A journey around the world seeking something. But I didn’t even know what it was. I was seeking myself, the version of myself that I so desperately wanted to be without feeling the need to fit in. The need to be more, or have more, or do more.

On this journey I realised that I wasn’t the only one. I was suffering in silence not knowing that there were millions of people out there going through the same thing. SO I started talking. I started sharing, I started making noise again. And this thing that I though was a curse has turned out to be my greatest gift.

This shamelessness that I had thought, was my worst attribute, now with some awareness and a new found respect for boundaries, consent and communication, is now what I use to help people ope up and explore the parts of themselves that they felt they haven’t been able to acknowledge in the past for whatever their personal reasons are.

So here I am. Willing to listen and hear anything you have to say and guide you on whatever journey you feel like you need in order to liberate yourself from the stories that you are not worthy of LOVE!

Because you are love, and I am love, and love flows in abundance everywhere. The sooner we can remember this, the sooner we liberate ourselves from our own mind stories, and then, start actually living it.